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Shipment, Returns, Cancellation and refund policy

Customer POLICY NOTE for Online sales from (For order of Bike & Bike + Accessories)



1. 100% assembled bicycle will be delivered at the address provided by you.

2. Delivery of bicycle will be personally done by the UTB service person.

3. You will be asked to test ride the bicycle.

4. If you're unsatisfied with the bicycle you can return it then and there.

5. If you're satisfied with the bicycle you will be asked to fill and sign. the delivery form which will be provided at the time of delivery to accept the delivery completely.

6. The warranty claim(applicable during the warranty period of the bicycle) will be fulfilled by the company of the respected bicycle. 

7. 20% of bicycle's MRP has to be payed in advance for bicycles bought on COD.

8.Only and Only cash will be accepted at the time of COD.

NOTE:-"No return of the bicycle will be accepted after the delivery procedure is completed" 


1.The delivery will be done through the parcel.

2. After receiving the parcel make a video while opening the box clearly showing the product.

3. If you want to return the product due to some reasons then kindly contact us at Urban Trailblazer.

4. You will be asked to provide the video(shot while opening the package) as proof that the product was not damaged after the delivery.

5.After the return is accepted by us at Urban Trailblazer you will be asked to deliver the product back to us.