KIMADI is a small village situated on the hills of Dehradun 15km from Urban Trailblazer(UTB). Most cyclists prefer this location to ride their bicycles as the route is stunningly beautiful and also has one of the toughest gradient where riders can train for races held in and outside the city.

            You can reach there either by on-road or by off-road, both the route are almost equally challenging in terms of climbing but when it comes to technical riding then off-roading takes the crown. The on-road route from UTB shop is UTB shop -> Mahindra ground-> New cantonment road-> Kendriya vidyalaya upper camp-> Supply depto-> Kimadi.

            The off-road route from UTB shop is UTB shop->Dilaram chowk-> Jakhan->Purkul gaon->Antra appartments->Youth development society->Kimadi. This route consist of uphill, downhill and river crossing sections. In between Youth Development society and Kimadi the route consist of steep climbing and and technical downhill.

If you want to ride around any other location in Dehradun or around then we also organize rides according to group size(minimum 2 people). We also provide bicycles on rent whose price range goes from Rs200 to Rs800 for 24 hours.

CHARGES APPLICABLE for group rides.